Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@deprecated 14 @deprecated

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 14

org.webmacro.Broker Line
--No comment-- 657
call get(String,String) instead 840
org.webmacro.RethrowableException Line
you should use <code>getCause</code> instead 101
org.webmacro.RethrowableRuntimeException Line
you should use <code>getCause</code> instead 105
org.webmacro.WM Line
--No comment-- 191
org.webmacro.WebMacro Line
--No comment-- 77
org.webmacro.parser.ASCII_CharStream Line
--No comment-- 207
--No comment-- 217
org.webmacro.parser.BackupCharStream Line
--No comment-- 218
--No comment-- 228
org.webmacro.parser.CharStream Line
--No comment-- 31
--No comment-- 38
org.webmacro.servlet.WMServlet Line
--No comment-- 689
--No comment-- 728


Number of occurrences found in the code: 7

org.webmacro.Macro Line
Return a String not an Object 47
org.webmacro.directive.DirectiveBuilder Line
Should throw exception here, as non-null branch does 121
org.webmacro.template.EncodingTestCase Line
Works in Eclipse but not Maven on Linux Works in Eclipse and Maven on Windows 191
org.webmacro.template.TestAbuse Line
Currently produces a parse error. 73
org.webmacro.util.WMEval Line
Do not set currentTemplate here 228
org.webmacro.util.test.Base64Test Line
Devise bad input to encode 107
org.webmacro.util.test.WMEvalTest Line
Hardcoded path to tests 29


Number of occurrences found in the code: 11

org.webmacro.Context Line
I don't think we get here anymore! -Keats 286
org.webmacro.broker.DefaultContextAutoLoader Line
keats - 25 May 2002, no tools are known to use the settings mechanism. We should create an example of this and test it, or abolish this capability! Abolished -- BG 76
org.webmacro.directive.BeanDirective Line
page beans always overwrite anything in the context with the same name 273
org.webmacro.parser.ParseException Line
modified to extend org.webmacro.RethrowableException and added constructer for nested exceptions. 13
org.webmacro.parser.ParserBlockBuilder Line
the test for a zero length string in the following 'if' is a work-around for a bug parsing an explicit #begin followed immediately by another directive, eg, #if ($x) #begin #set $y=0 #end This can be removed when/if this bug is fixed Keats 8-Aug-2003 229
org.webmacro.resource.DelegatingTemplateProvider Line
This setup only makes sense in a web-app environment, because the webapp template loader won't work otherwise. 70
org.webmacro.servlet.Servlet22Broker Line
Templates will <b>not</b> be loaded from the classpath. 157
Tomcat4 needs a leading '/'. However, when loading resources from the class-loader, they may _not_ start with a leading '/'. So we have to build up two different names. Ugly! 212
org.webmacro.template.TestCountDirective Line
this requires use of the DefaultEvaluationExceptionHandler to suppress the exception! 93
this requires use of the DefaultEvaluationExceptionHandler to suppress the exception! 104
org.webmacro.util.Instantiator Line
If AllowedPackages is empty then all packages are allowed. 42


Number of occurrences found in the code: 6

null.CheckConfig Line
--No comment-- 35
org.webmacro.Broker Line
implement this!!! get function from a factory method declared class/method is the factory class/instance method get the factory class method name String factoryMeth = _config.getSetting("Function." + fn + ".factory.method"); 316
org.webmacro.directive.SetpropsDirective Line
check for class loading restrictions as per bean directive 104
org.webmacro.directive.WhileDirective Line
Introduce unit test and mainline or drop the directive. 43
org.webmacro.resource.URLTemplate Line
- should make the encoding cache a bit smarter- doesn't detect if the file changes 147
org.webmacro.resource.URLTemplateProvider Line
* context:[path] load relative to some path in the current context (typically a ServletContext) </li> <li> [url] - look for templates relative to this location</li> <li> [path] - Equivalent to file:[path]</li> </ol> 159